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November Update

1 Nov

You will never believe where I’ve moved to. Well actually, you probably will since I revealed it in my July video. I’m officially in Washington, DC after arriving  from Montana about eight weeks earlier than I thought I would. Turned out to be perfect timing. In a city of doers and achievers and where even recreation and relaxation is planned out, I am adjusting. Which brings me to my next point. The things I learned from Hawaii that are staying with me forever:

1. Work. Better, work it. I have my VBFF (very best friend forever) to thank for saving my soul from work-aholic-ism and insisting that I quit my jobs and pursue my passion. Funny that I make more and work less now.

2. Find a pace. In Hawaii your workday may end at 3 pm, but it’s so you can get home to friends and family and head out to enjoy the water before the sun sets. There’s a work-life balance that’s unparalleled to anything else I have experienced. Work hard, go home at a decent hour.

3. Always choose the restaurant’s lanai at sunset.

4. When possible, take off your shoes.

5. Friday night fireworks. Tradition. Must not miss.

6. Flowers. Everywhere. All the time.

7. Speaking of, lei etiquette. Very important.

8. There’s nothing better than meeting someone and hearing later that they called you “very aloha.” Highest compliment.

9. Don’t honk. Please. It’s unnecessary. I loved, LOVED, about Hawaii that if the girl in the car in front of yours was at a green light putting on mascara, nobody would ever honk. It was kind of like, “the girl needs to put on mascara, we can wait…”.

10. An obsession with water. I’ve tried to pretend that the Potomac is the Pacific but it’s not quite the same.

11. Life works in this order: family, friends, the office. Period.

12. When you need a slice of Teds’ pie, you need a slice of Teds’ pie. Simple.

13. Nothing will replace Fat Greek with the girls.

15. Shopping with Kellie. Lifelong tradition, I don’t care how it happens.

16. Always pay to park downtown and in Waikiki. Unless you like tickets and towing.

17. Monday night half off deals at Sansei’s.

18. Learn to surf (I did not). It’s great for business.

19. Laugh. At the big things, at the small things. No need to take ourselves so seriously.

The biggest themes for me are work and play. I learned to work less. And I, finally, learned to play. This total flip-flop from my previous way of life saved me. Doing graduate school in a program fueled by passion and vision, making some of the best friends of my life, starting to live my dream and experiencing such tremendous growth and learning to balance that work with consistent and stable relationships and play only set the tone for the rest of my life. Rest assured, this break from the 808 will be lived with the aloha spirit. I don’t know how long it will take before I can move back to the islands, but rest assured, the islands came with me to the mainland. Washington, DC, get ready!

And a bonus video that needs to be watched by all writers from one of my business favorites, Marie Forleo:

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