Inaugural 90/90/90 Experiment

20 Jul

What is the 90/90/90 Experiment?

My omens have been pointing me in the direction of writing for a long time.  Since last year I’ve made a couple soft start attempts at procuring new clients and establishing a few contracts. My efforts met enough success that I’m ready to get this ball rolling. Time for a solid start.

I like the idea of radical goals and I decided to form this one into the following experiment:

The goal: Get my freelance game on. I don’t know where this 90-day experiment might lead me, but like any good Aries, I am anxious to find out.

The timeline90 working days.

The metrics: 90 queries, 90 articles, 90 thank yous.

I have a couple other ancillary goals to support my experiment, but the focus will be on my big three. Queries can include LOIs (letters of introduction) or applications for writing related opportunities. Articles can include blog posts, but a nice percentage should be assigned publication work. Thank yous are my gratitude back to the universe in the form of notes, letters, emails, etc.

Follow along, subscribe now. I promise that it will be entertaining.


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