Welcome and Aloha

4 May

Glad you made it.

Startup Freelancer was one of those late-night ideas I thought I’d forget by morning. Instead, a sudden flash of inspiration for a header leaped into my mind over breakfast, and the seed was sowed. A few sketchbook pages later, along with needing a project for a grad class, and Startup Freelancer was born.

A bit more:

Who: I was a paid freelancer writer from the age of 12-years-old, but took a nine-year hiatus starting in college to pursue volunteer opportunities, travel, professional posts and gigs of all sorts. Recent omens encouraged me back down the writer’s path. I’m also very close to finishing my Master’s degree in Sustainable Development. 

What: The chronicles of becoming a dazzlingly successful freelance writer communicator in a fast paced, social media focused world.

Where (current legal state of residence): Hawaii.

When: Now.

Why: I am a woman of many passions. Three include: writing (non-fiction), sustainability (my graduate work), and food (my thesis).

How: The ‘how’ is in the journey. Subscribe to get updates!


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